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Hunter Schooling Show Series

 Prizes at the end of series for champion and reserve champion.
 In order to qualify for a series-end prize a horse and rider must compete in at least 3 of the 4 shows.

Show starts at 9:30am. The arena will be available for open warm-up at 8:30am.
NOTE: Each rider is alloted a 5 minute warm-up time before their over fences rounds during which they can warm-up as they chose but may only jump if a warm-up round was registered.

Schooling days to prepare for shows are available upon request.
Call Jonathan for scheduling.  $25/horse

Limited number of day stalls available at $20 per stall.  Arrange prior to show

Show Prices:

 -warm up $5/horse
-entry fee $10/class
-administration fee $5/entry
-HST will be charged on all entries

Click: Entry Form

 *To be eligible for the stake class, one must be entered in all three classes over fences

6 divisions (Cross rail, 2'0", 2'3", 2'6", 2'9", 3’0”) each with:
 -warm up round
-hunter over fences
-hunter over fences
-hunter over fences
 -hunter under saddle

* No pre-registration necessary

In-House Shows:

Open to boarders and students in the lesson program at Ironstone Stables
Registration sheets are found on the bulletin board in the barn, pre-registration is required for lesson program students
Please speak with your coach before registration to determine what classes you are best suited for
Classes include but are subject to change:
- Beginner flat & over fences
- Intermediate flat & over fences
- Advanced flat & over fences
- Adult flat & over fences
- Boarders class equitation on the flat & over fences (type of over fences varies)

Rules and Regulations for all shows:

- All riders must wear approved helmets at all times while mounted and proper footwear
- Half chaps and paddock boots are acceptable
- Jackets are not necessary
- All decisions made by judges are final and cannot be disputed
- Show committee reserves the right to cancel or combine any classes or divisions
- All riders may cross enter in more than one division
- No dogs allowed

Turn out

Schooling shows do not require braiding, show jackets or tall boots, but we do encourage an attempt at proper hunter turn out for both the horse and rider. There will be a turn out ribbon awarded to the horse and rider combination who is turned out most correctly for the hunter ring. For details on correct hunter turn out for you and your horse visit the following link: