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Group PhotoConstruction of Ironstone Stables began in December 2007 with horses moving in July 2008. Our riding school has been enrolling students since the day our horses moved in with great friendships being made between our riders and their horses. Our in house schooling shows have provided both young students and adult riders an opportunity to “show their stuff”, setting new goals with each new season. Our boarders are a terrific group of horse loving and family friendly people, always happy to interact with our school riders and are demonstrating their horsemanship every chance they get.  Many of our boarders compete locally in a variety of events, as well as the trillium circuit and up to the A circuit. We have had the pleasure of hosting our hunter and jumper schooling shows for the past few years and we look forward to continuing in the years to come.

Our ValuesStudents at Ironstone Stables

Confidence: Our lesson program is designed to build the confidence of our riders by setting goals and pursuing them throughout the lessons. Our horses are safe for beginner riders and can provide a challenge for more advanced riders giving everyone an opportunity to learn and grow as a rider.

Independence: We encourage independence of our riders by teaching the concepts they need to succeed, giving them independence to practice on their own. Although all the students are supervised, our leasing program allows students to interact and ride the horses outside of a lesson environment to practice things on their own and develop their riding.

Horsemanship: At Ironstone Stables, our highest priority is to teach good horsemanship. We value our horses and teach our students to do them same. All horses deserve respect and our lesson program works to teach students how to treat a horse kindly and respectfully building a bond between the horse and rider.